Mighty Mahendra!

Yesterday, I witnessed a cricket match from the Stadium in which Anil Kumble, several years back, did the unthinkable. Feroz Shah Kotla. Only my second venue to view this sport after Chepauk (on many occasions).

Some defining moments from the game:

Dwayne teeing off

For once, I agree with Ravi Shastri when he says Dwayne Smith doesn’t play cricket. He plays Golf. All he does is stand there and tee off. The ball hits the sight screen with a thump. Flat six. It’s been a feature of his batting this IPL. 24 sixes already, ahead of Maxwell and the likes. I would put my money on Dwayne Smith to own the Orange Cap this season. He’s only marginally behind Maxwell and is more reliable.

Reliable One Down

Raina is like the sincere school kid who has 100% attendance record and gets awarded a certificate on Annual Day. Playing each and every match that CSK has ever played is no easy task. The Man of Steel, Badrinath was the only other player who held that record, till Season 6. Raina is so much more awesome up the order at one down. Such a pleasure to watch him drive or sweep the ball.

Viru Craze

People in Delhi love him. Even now. Can’t believe how DD left him out shamelessly, in the player auctions earlier this year. Expect a packed house at Kotla later this week when KXIP takes on DD. Irrespective of his form, Sehwag epitomizes the way the game should be played. With a smile. Compare that with what happened between Pollard and Starc today.

Mighty Mahendra

Dhoni is undoubtedly India’s second most loved and cheered cricketer, after the Great Man (World knows Who). Harsha Bhogle says and I agree, “This Dhoni… He devours pressure for a living”. As long as he’s there, you can believe (without being ridiculed by others) that even 60 from 3 overs is not impossible. Let alone, 10 from 5 (as was the case yesterday). I was one of the fortunate souls to watch his crafty century at Chepauk against Pakistan when the Indian top order crumbled for 29 for 5. It’s almost as if he creates so much pressure on the bowler that he can make the bowler bowl the length he wants. Unadkat gave him a juicy half volley which he smashed straight back for six. The Big Screen screamed “Mighty Mahendra”. That was all that was needed. One six. And “Mighty Mahendra” was trending in India on Twitter. Speaks volumes about the fan base he enjoys.

Speaking of Twitter and fan base, how can we forget Superstar’s entry to Twitter yesterday? Reserved for another day.



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