The flight!

*As I sit on the window seat of SG322, looking into the vast expanse outside, a zillion images rush past my mind, each moment still so fresh.

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong

I remember the summer of 2012 when I got the “coveted” IIM Shillong convert somewhere in mid-May. Most decisions in my life have been taken on the spur of the moment; so was joining IIM Shillong. Not that I had too many choices. πŸ˜› Then there was the “IIM Shillong 2012 Final converts” Facebook group that consumed a significant part of my summer. There were few people who discussed about watching Euro 2012 Finals together in the campus, few who had shared interests in the rock culture of Shillong, few who were already discussing academics and few busy making friends. I remember observing everything silently, expectations of meeting these people increasing by the day.

In June 2012, I remember attending “Nexus”, the annual IIM Shillong Alumni-Students-Prospects meet, organized by Public Relations Cell (I didn’t know then). There was only one other person from the PGP12 batch (Prasanna Kumar) who attended the meet, but Seniors, Super-Seniors and Super-Super-Seniors turned out in pretty large numbers. That gave a very clear indication as to how much those people were attached to IIM Shillong.

Then came the first of July, 2012; the day I stepped into what was going to be my home for the next 21 months. That day, I had no idea that in the coming 21 months, I would make some friends for life. I remember stepping into the hostel to see my neighbors (Shivank and Himanshu Singh) already doing some assignments. The first day.

What followed in the next two weeks is something I will not (rather, cannot) forget for the rest of my life. I remember every single night, the assignments we did, the foundation course we spent sleeping, the time we spent knowing each other, the ice breaker sessions, the first trek to BSNL tower and the freshers party. We owe a lot to our Seniors, who took out time from their acads and other commitments to mentor us, in the first two weeks. It really helped. Thank you.

I distinctly remember DK Sir’s classes in Term I. He was an extremely humorous man despite his misleadingly serious demeanor. Rohit Sir’s QT-I (the only subject in which we read the text book, properly), Saravanan Sir’s style of teaching, Kakoty Sir’s “Gyan” filled classes. I remember them all.

I remember the committee inductions. For a campus run predominantly by students, committee inductions were a serious affair. First, the Placement Committee (Place Comm) followed by the other committees. Looking back, I regret not doing the second round submission for Symphony, the committee in charge of minting out IIM Shillong’s annual magazine. I feel I would have done a decent job as part of that committee. You win some. You lose some. LIFE!

I remember the practices we did for the Talent show. We spent two-three full nights practicing for a mime for the Talent Show. Somehow, the Talent Show never happened. We would go on perform that mime in our Senior’s farewell in March 2013, to an awesome response from them. We loved it. They loved it.

I remember the Student Council elections, and all the drama that preceded it. I am happy we got the perfect Student Council, the right mix of people who cared for the batch and did not shy away from responsibilities.

I remember EmergE 2012 and Golf Cup Season 5. As first years, we were made volunteers to help Seniors successfully stage these two events. First real lessons in event management.

i-Cube happened in Term II (i-Cube, the Entrepreneurship Cell is one of the nine clubs functioning in IIM Shillong). One of the better things that could have happened to me, easily. Over the next one year, we would go on to become the best of friends. Special thanks to Senior i-Cube for inducting all of us into the same club. πŸ˜›

Summer internships started parallelly. Acads took a backseat as people started preparing hard to get a good internship, for what you do during your two months there, decides your fate (read final placements) more or less.

I remember the Β corporate and B-School competitions we participated during Terms 2 and 3. Being first years and competing with other colleges across the country, we couldn’t produce much results. I remember working with Lijosh and Ernesto on a competition when others were busy enjoying Diwali. Sad part was that we didn’t get through. πŸ˜€ But yeah, it was all worth the effort, we realized later.

I remember all those TT sessions, right from first year. It’s been an integral part of my life, TT. Sai Murali has been one person with whom I’ve enjoyed playing TT the most. On the TT table, we share a rivalry that can make even the likes of Ind-Pak and Eng-Aus look small. Lol. πŸ™‚

RannBhoomi, the intra-college sports tournament began in Term 2 and extended beyond schedule, almost till farewell. Hostel Committee did a commendable job, organizing RannBhoomi, I must say.

I remember working with my Study group (Group P) over the two years. Like any other study group, we were a bunch of diverse people. That was the best part. Spent the first few weeks decoding their Hindi. Got used to it later. πŸ˜›

(Writer’s note: I know it all sounds random and vague. But this post was written in uncensored stream of consciousness. So, excuse me.)Β 

I remember all the birthday celebrations. Well, most of them. The GPLs, Salsas, Cakes, pictures, parties, etc. Birthdays were something I looked forward to. At least the birthdays of the near and dear.

I remember the trips that we went as a batch and in factions, in first year. The first trip to the Shillong peak, the one day trip to Cherrapunjee, the visit to the Sacred Forest in Mawhphlang, among others.

I remember Kopda Cup in term III. As a part of the Kopda Organizing Team, it was fun conducting the intra-college cricket tourney for the batch.

I remember the celebrations organized by Cultural Committee. Diwali, Dandiya, Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami, Dussehra, Holi, etc. Thanks CultComm, you never made me miss home!

I regret not having a camera in first year (Well, Sony Cybershot is not a camera :P). Having a DSLR has its pros and cons (the cons being, being asked to click “candid” pics :)). But yes, it was awesome viewing the world through another eye. Enjoyed it!

I remember the farewell we gave to our seniors, and remember hoping that our farewell doesn’t come for a long long time. Farewells are not easy. Again, CultComm made a great show out of the farewell with equal efforts from many in the batch.

I remember the TamGang farewell party that our seniors gave us, in Tripura Castle, in March ’13. Speaking of TamGang, those were the people who bonded with me the most in the initial days, and quite naturally. We didn’t know or understand the common language in which everyone were conversing. Hindi. We came together by force, rather than choice, I guess. They are awesome people. Each one of them.

I remember breaking for the Summer internships in late March, after bidding goodbye to the Incredibles, our Seniors. Not the best of summer internships, but yes, made the most of what was served, I’d like to believe. Made some really good friends too.

I remember coming back home (read IIM Shillong) in early June. The entire campus then belonged to the Stalwarts, the 108 of us. It was an awesome feeling. We celebrated Stalwarts Anniversary, some time in June. Around that time, we also went on a batch trip to Amalarem and Bangladesh border, I remember. The legacy trip.

I remember the goosebumps we felt when we came to know that Thala APJ Abdul Kalam was going to take a course for us. A Zero credit course, but a course nevertheless. APJ truly rocks. Humbleness personified.

In July 2013, PGP13 arrived. I saw the cycle repeating itself. Only, this time, our roles were different. But what an amazing batch, theirs is. Clear indication that IIM Shillong is going in the right direction. Cheers.

I remember EmergE 2013 and all the effort that went into organizing it. I remember those loooooong walks when we went scouting for sponsorship. Anupam (whose idea of “Travel”, is walking through cities) made me walk along with him on all those trips. Not that I hated it. I remember working on the inaugural edition of INCUBATOR, the annual entrepreneurship magazine of IIM Shillong.

I remember working for competitions in second year, and this time a bit more successfully. Loved working with the Meluhan Warriors (Ernesto, Lijosh and Sai Murali) for Mahindra War Room. Ernesto is a champ! Lijosh too…

I will fondly remember all the tea and QWERTY parties that happened predominantly in Ganesh’s room and the conversations that followed. And yeah, even tea can create some serious burns. Please be careful.

I remember going for Pandal Hopping in Shillong during Durga Puja ’13. I remember helping Master Chef Rutwik to make Modaks on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi.

I remember all the fun that we’ve had in our wing, the Tamgang. I remember staying awake the whole night and having Puri at Nongthymmai point as early as 6 am.

I remember our farewell; every bit of it. The flashmob, the shopping, the pictures on the corridors, Tattle your Tales charts, the cultural night, the farewell night. Everything.

I remember all the fun that I’ve had post farewell. TT, Chess, Cards, the long walks and breakfasts.

I feel so jealous of PGP13 and PGP14 who have one and two years at IIM Shillong, respectively.

I remember a lot of other things but feel too sleepy to list them down.

The Headmaster in the movie “Happy Days”, says “It’s the end of the most happy days of your life, but also the beginning of the most purposeful days”. My foot! πŸ˜›

I say, it’s the end of the most happy AND purposeful days of our lives. Accept it, and move on.

My good friend said (I borrow excessively from him), “Don’t be sad that it has ended; be happy that it happened”. I wish!

*This post was conceived during the four hour flight from Guwahati to Chennai (my last, for years), and written later. It’s my dedication to IIM Shillong and all that it had to offer to me. Β 


17 responses to “The flight!

  1. i could relive the memories you had. very well written Nitin .. πŸ™‚

  2. Good one thala…poignant and emotional stuff!

  3. I can feel it …

  4. Probably the best of your writings. Just be glad that IIM Shillong happened. All the best macha

  5. A Happy ending depends on where you stop the story πŸ™‚ All the best machi!

  6. Nice one Nitin..I started with the first few lines and then ended up reading full.

  7. Super post. Though it is random as you said, this post has so much soul and I can see that it has come from the bottom of your heart.

  8. Murali Manohar

    Really good narration of your experience!

  9. I still can feel it..:) Wonderfully written..:)

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