MSD P57 – “The Math behind Carnatic Music” session

There’s this awesome dude called Pranav J (PJ) in PGP13 who is awesome beyond words when it comes to playing the Keyboard. That he reminds me of another awesome dude called Shiva, from my undergrad college, is another story.

Today, Kamalesh (a trained Carnatic singer) and PJ (a self-made keyboard maestro) took a session on the maths behind Carnatic Music, which had the Director, a few faculty and fewer students in attendance. The session was organized by Koutuhal, the Activities Club of IIM Shillong.

Given that it was just an hour’s session on something as huge as Carnatic Music, I thought they did a wonderful job. Kamalesh talked about the foundation of Carnatic Music (the 12 notes), the Melakarta Ragams, Katapayadi Sankhya and differences with western music, among other things.

The session also brought back old memories of the theory classes which my Violin master used to take. I distinctly remember how I would be playing cricket with my friends on a Sunday evening when I would see his dreaded figure driving a bicycle (later, a bike) towards my apartment. Used to hate it when I was a kid. I remember feigning illness one day, to skip his session so that I don’t miss Baasha on TV.  🙂 But as years passed, I began to love the instrument and his sessions.  Today, I’m glad I sat through those sessions and learnt that wonderful instrument.


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