MSD P54 – Second year diaries: Part 3 – Diwali ’13 and the woes of owning a DSLR

It’s not often that your birthday coincides with a Diwali in which “Thala padam” is released (read “Arrambam”).

Thala __//\\__

Thala __//\\__

The second Diwali at home away from home had a lot to offer. Cultural Committee as usual, did a commendable job of bringing the festive air into the campus. So much so, that one of our visiting faculties cancelled an evening class on the eve of Diwali, because she found the atmosphere to be to too awesome to study/teach.

The eve of Diwali witnessed a number of activities being planned by CultComm (Antakshari, Mehndi, Games, etc.). Late night chats and bakar, extended till early morning and ended with a Bhel puri and a long walk around the campus.


Amrita making Bhel Chat with due help from Anupam, Shivank and Shujata

One of our Profs had invited a few of us over to his place for breakfast on Diwali. The Dosa and Idli which we were offered at his place were third only to my home food and Saravana Bhavan.


Tamil Nadu at Shillong…

My team undoubtedly made the worst rangoli in the rangoli competition.


My team at work

Our final output...

Our final output…


Everyone’s favorite rangoli


My personal favorite…
Raghu, Mantri, Rudy and Pam

Having a camera has a lot of advantages. IMHO, it is the only device which has the ability to pause time. After years, it makes us relish those moments from the past and share a light time.

Days like Diwali make you feel for owning a camera.

The evening of 3rd November 2013 saw everyone dressed in their prime and wanting to be captured on frame along with their loved ones. It’s the right thing to do, no doubt. But I remember clicking more than 400 snaps (you read it right) in a span of half an hour. Photographers will empathize with me when I say it’s always a greater pleasure to click pictures on your own than when you are being asked to click.

i-Cube PGP12

i-Cube PGP12


Group P - PGP12

Group P – PGP12

Rutwik goes traditional!

Rutwik goes traditional!

But if it puts a smile on the face of the posers, then why not?


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