Movie Review: Dhoom 3 (No spoilers)

Question: What do you call an elongated two-and-a-half-hour advertisement for BMW F-1300R AND Mountain Dew?

Answer: Dhoom 3

Megan Fox would have been proud of the number of transformations that Aamir Khan’s bike made in the movie.

The director should be a great fan of NFS Most Wanted; very evident from the movie. Roadblocks, spike strips, police pursuits, helicopter into action when heat level increases and so on.

Some stunts performed by Aamir Khan in the movie make you realize that Rajnikanth is after all, human. Wheeling, going under the truck and all is okay, but riding the bike on a 3 cm thick rope and at the same time smiling at the cops and all is too much da. Thoda Zyada ho gaya

But of course, Aamir runs a circus in the movie. So, he can be excused. What about Abhishek Bachchan? The stunts he performs with his Bajaj Auto make you wonder, Ye Kab khatam hoga?

The Music Director had the easiest job in the movie. Use the same “Dhoom machale” theme with different instruments and different tempos to suit the mood of the scene, and the re-recording is done.

After watching Ghajini and 3 Idiots in the big screen in December 2008 and 2009 respectively, I knew I can trust this man, Aamir Khan with my father’s money. He didn’t disappoint; but everything else about the movie did, okay let alone Kat’s awesome circus stunts. To me, it was Aamir Khan all the way.

Abhishek Bachchan can act. Uday Chopra can’t. Kat needn’t.

If everyone is as decent as me in not revealing the main spoiler in the movie, then you’ll be in for a great surprise (Watching a movie first day has its advantages).

I wouldn’t go on and say that Dhoom 3 is a pathetic movie. It isn’t. It’s visually brilliant.

If you turn off your brain during the duration of the movie, you might actually enjoy it.

Like my friend remarked after the movie, “Dhoom 3 is so ridiculous that it’s awesome!”


2 responses to “Movie Review: Dhoom 3 (No spoilers)

  1. Bachan can act, Chopra can’t and Kat needn’t- awesome line. You have become a great expert in blogging. All the best future Dan Brown of India. Rofl

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