Book review: Life is what you make it

Ankita has everything going her way.  She is great at writing and painting. She is the Arts Club Secretary of her college. She gets MBA  admission in one of the top management Institutes in Mumbai. Then, a chain of events lands her as a patient in a Mental Hospital. How Ankita musters the courage and strength and how love and acceptance changes her life for the better, forms the rest of the book.

I have always been a fan of first person narratives. That’s why I liked Chetan Bhagat. I am yet to figure out why many young Indians hate Chetan Bhagat. May be because he thinks and acts like the representative of India’s youth (he is approaching 40). But, I loved most of his works.


“Life is what you make it” is also a first person narrative, told by Ankita. It is actually apt, since most of the narrative actually deals with what is going on in Ankita’s mind. I liked the way Preeti Shenoy (author of the book) showed the stark contrast in the cultures of conservative Kerala and open Mumbai. The parts describing Ankita’s college days set in Cochin are filled with witticisms that keep the reader engaged.


This is the second work of art relating to Bipolar disorder that I’ve come across. The first was the Dhanush starrer, “3”, a tamil movie. While “3” had the lead character committing suicide, “Life is what you..” is the story of how Ankita overcomes the disorder and truly understands the meaning of her existence.


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  1. All your articles are precise and interesting and . Keep it up da!!!

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