MSD P48 – Goodbye Delhi

Reporting from IGI Airport, Delhi.

Six months ago, when I got an internship opportunity in Delhi, I was not all that happy to work so far away from home! Now after the 8 week internship stint in Delhi/Noida, I feel it was the right thing to do.

Had I been in Chennai, I wouldn’t have got the opportunity to explore this awesome place. Not that I’ve frequented all the places that Delhi has got to offer; no, not even half. But still. My Dilli Darshan experiences can be found here, here and here.

Through my stay here, I found out that Delhi is a happening place. For the reader, it’ll be hard to believe that Dhabas and  Juice shops are open even till 2-3 am in the night. I fell in love with the lifeline of Delhi, it’s awesome Metro. Only happy that it’s coming to Chennai soon.

If you are in Tamil Nadu and cursing the government for frequent power cuts, Cheers! You have the National (crime) Capital for company. At least in the area I inhabited, there were frequent irregular power cuts. Sheila Dixit and Akhilesh Yadav, listening?


Looking back, our internship stint was a good learning curve and would definitely help in shaping our career in some way. I enjoyed it as it was my first ever formal work experience. We were 12 interns (6 from IIM-S, 3 from IIM-I, 2 from IIM Ranchi and 1 from IIM Raipur). We were blessed with good bosses and a great working atmosphere. Apart from all the learning and training, I am happy that I got 11 awesome friends here.


End of another phase. Beginning of a new one!

7:50 pm

June 1, 2013


2 responses to “MSD P48 – Goodbye Delhi

  1. All the best Nitin!

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