Lord Ganesha: A hobbyist’s delight!

Among the thousands of Gods from the Hindu pantheon, Lord Ganesha is the most artistic (Lord Hanuman comes a close second).

Is it the elephant-head, the potbelly or the complete absence of angularity? Perhaps it is a combination of all these varied elements that has inspired artists and sculptors.

There’s a flexibility about this amicable deity that allows artists and sculptors in expressing their creativity. Ganesha has lounged, reclined, danced, fought and even played a few games.

Artists have never taken this liberty with any other Hindu God.  There is no scope too.

Fondly referred to as the Lord of the people,  Ganesha is a hobbyist’s delight!

When there are people who collect coins and stamps, why not avatars of Lord Ganesha?

Today, there are hundreds of avatars of Lord Ganesha adorning my house!



3 responses to “Lord Ganesha: A hobbyist’s delight!

  1. Yes he is a real friendly god. Like you I also collect Lord Ganesa in different avatars.
    Om Ganesaya Namaha

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