MSD P42 – Krishna, save Shillong!

It’s been raining donkeys and pigs here, for two days now! By the looks of it, Lord Krishna might have to put up a Govardhan-like effort to save Shillong.

662550govardhan-parvatAll jokes apart, this city has a good drainage system in place. But despite heavy rains, this city faces an unexplained paradox of water scarcity. Matter for concern.

Yesterday, we attended the last class of first year! Quite tough to believe half the course is done! It also means that we’ve attended the last class in RN-5, one of the amazing rooms in campus.

20120707_143538Something that I’ve realized over 5 years of Hostel life is that there’s no use of cleaning your room. It is bound to come back to its steady-state of mess in no time.


Nevertheless, cleaned my room for one last time today. 😛

Saw parts of Dhawan’s brilliant 185*. The reverse-leg sweeps off Steven Smith were amazing I thought.


Last Sunday, Tamil Seniors gave a grand treat to the Juniors @ Tripura Castle, Shillong. That was probably the last ever weekend we’d had together. Most of them are leaving IIM Shillong tomorrow, forever. Of course, they’ll come back for Convocation, scheduled on April 2nd.

Tripura Castle is basically a palace-turned-into-restaurant. Food was only as good as any restaurant in Shillong, but the ambiance was a level apart.

IMG_0293IMG_0348After spending close to 4 hours in Tripura Castle, we walked our way back to our hostels.


We have our first end-term exam tomorrow evening.

6:45 pm



4 responses to “MSD P42 – Krishna, save Shillong!

  1. Lord Krishna will do the right thing. He always helps.

    Nevertheless you always try to keep your room clean. It is one of 5S in Japanese workshop. ie continuous effort or so they say. And your class room is very beautiful and ITS IS CLEAN.

    It was really very fast – this one year flew very very fast.


  2. and Nitin your English is so very beautiful. Keep it up.

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