MSD P41 – When I went flying into the sky!

My friend and I were waiting for the lift in ground floor. It arrived.. We went in… The buttons in the lift were quite weird and we didn’t understand what was written on them.. My friend pressed one button randomly… The lift went up immediately, at an enormous pace zooming as if it were a rocket.We panicked and tried opening the lift door, but in vain. 3rd floor, 30th floor, 120th floor and off it went out of the skyscraper into the open sky.. Once in the sky, it began moving horizontally, still holding onto its pace. My friend and I began to enjoy the ride now. We felt like Harry Potter flying in the Hogwarts sky, playing Quidditch. 

After what seemed like an hour, the lift stopped moving and began falling down, like an object in free fall. It was gaining speed by every inch it moved towards the ground. We were sensing certain death. First I felt panic, then fear, and then when the crash was inevitable, I felt nothingness. 

Just when our Lift was about to bang hard on the ground, I heard a voice, “ Ezhundhuru da, Class-ku time aachu!”, and I woke up, my heart beating fast.


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