MSD P37 – Dilemma

It rained heavily here yesterday after months, spoiling our plan for a trip to the Living Root bridge, a famous trekking spot here in Meghalaya.

Vishwaroop was released yesterday in a theatre nearby. Seniors have already watched it. I am in a dilemma whether to watch it in Hindi with my “Ek Gaav mein Ek Kisaan” proficiency or to watch it later in Tamil.

We won our Kopda match today, convincingly. I played the role that Raina played in the World Cup 2011 Final. 😛

Coming week is a bit light on acads but have deadlines for a few competitions lined for Feb 7 ( ).

Glad to see Dirk Nannes in CSK camp, among other decent buys! #IPL6Auction



11.45 pm


2 responses to “MSD P37 – Dilemma

  1. Hi Nitin,
    CONGRATS on your Kopda Cup. I think you all played will against good teams like Scotland, Norway, Canada.


    A Sriram

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