MSD P36 – Time Flies!

Not long ago was I doing my GD/PI preparations, looking through PagalGuy threads and attending T.I.M.E classes in Coimbatore with the hope of clearing a B-School admission process. It’s been a year now. Sachin has become Rajya Sabha MP, KKR has won an IPL, Modi has become CM yet again, Kasab has been given his long pending dues (debatable :P) and most importantly, the mayan’s Doomsday myth  was trolled and people have been living happily ever after. So much has changed in the past year!

Time flies.

We had one of the most engaging Case discussions in Strategic Management class today. But, it was nowhere close to this: B-Schools in India can only dream of achieving such standards of excellence, at least in the near future.

Last weekend, we had a few Kopda matches. My team was unfortunate to lose a match because of poor umpiring (Even the likes of Asoka DeSilva or Darrell Hair would have been better). But, you play a game just to enjoy; just for a break from your academics. That’s what we did!


Kamal Haasan and controversies are known to go hand-in-hand since time immemorial, be it Hey Ram, Dasaavathaaram or most recently, Vishwaroopam. But you’ve got to give it to the man who has given his all to the movie (apparently, he’s even almost lost his house now). Everyone across India are praying for Kamal, except the man himself. Can’t wait to watch the the movie in cinemas.

12:30 am



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