MSD P32 – One week left

Vishwaroopam and Kadal audio are both out. Vishwaroopam is yet to impress me after two listenings; Kadal was all over me even after listening to the album only once. Anyone with basic knowledge/inclination towards Music will confidently say that Kadal is yet another timeless masterpiece by ARR.

I can now deliver a presentation confidently even to Ratan Tata, having delivered four project presentations in as many days. Done with 2 of the easiest end-term exams; still have 6 tough exams left.

Domino’s Taco Indiana Veg is my new favorite! It’ll be my friday evening dinner from now on. Why friday?

1. Dinner in the mess is pathetic on Fridays

2.  Domino’s has a 50% discount on Fridays.

The gap between Sachin’s bat and pad today was so big that an Innova could be driven through the gap (4th Test Ind vs Eng).

The last thing that we want is India losing the fourth test and hence the series.

This time next week, I’ll be packing my bags to fly back home for a fortnight of vacations.



10.30 pm



One response to “MSD P32 – One week left

  1. Yes Nitin. We are also looking forward for that fortnight.

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