MSD P23 – Some typical B-School moments

I’ve shared below, excerpts from the post, “Typical B-School moments”, written by my Senior Mudit Agarwal.
Have a read.
“On a weekday morning, 10 minutes before the class you wake up to your wing mates gaali, get ready in 5 mins and rush for the class. On the way to class you cross the mess, its just that the mess comes in your route, there is no intention to waste any time there. The smell of Dosa makes you stop for a second and then comes the moment of internal conflict, whether to go for the class or have one Dosa.  Profs are mostly strict about timing and after initial calculations you figure out it’s a mutually exclusive case, either have Dosa or go for the class. Typically a B-school student eats a Dosa and sends SMS to his friends in class about his feats.
Now this thing happens more often than others; you have a decent week going on with not much workload and decent time to sleep, certain things need to be done but the deadlines are not nearby so you decide to relax and go for dinners and spend time on cleaning your room and decorating your linkedin page. Then your study group allots you an assignment and you accept it, thinking that you have not done much in recent past. On the day of this deadline, comes another assignment which is in the subject that you are expert at and you don’t have any choice but to do it. You also have to go out for a friend’s birthday party or to buy some essential stuff from market. Add the irresistible daily dose of social networking. What do you do, how do you manage all this? This is when the maximum learning happens, we learn efficient utilization of resources, we use all the networking that we have done, we delegate, we slog nights, we divide work but we somehow make the ends meet.
At a B school the measure of your efficiency is done on the basis of number of hours you sleep. To catch up with the trends you try to match the number of hours you sleep to the batch average, which is somewhere around 4-5 hours a day. One evening you come back to your room from dinner, you have some work to do but that can be postponed, you feel you have worked hard over the past 3-4 days and you sleep, you sleep for 8-10 hours, snoozing your alarm infinitely. When you wake up there is this feeling of guilt which would not leave you until you attend boring classes the whole day and realize you had slept for good only.
B school life is full of such moments, the happy one when your friends get internship, the sad one where you are not getting your dream internship; the one where you laugh like crazy on faculty mimicry and the one when you feel low for no reason and want to be in your room whole day. The best part is these moments are like simulation games, they make you realize how corporate life will be and prepare you to be a better manager.”
9:00 pm

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