MSD P15 – Mawphlang Trip !

Mawphlang is one of the most picturesque locations that I’ve been to. We were asked to report at the entrance of the Campus at 5 am. The picture below was taken at around 5.15 am. 

The buses were late by an hour and a half and so we left campus only by 7 am, after having breakfast. Mawphlang is just an hour’s drive from Nongthymmai. We reached there at 8.

We were divided into groups of 10 and each group had a Guide. Throughout our walk in the forest, I thought our Guide was speaking in Hindi/Khasi and I din’t listen to even a word of what he said. Only when we came back did I realize that he was actually speaking English. 🙂

The forest was quite similar to the Forbidden Forest from HP; only that Aragog and Grawp were missing.

Our walk in the forest lasted for close to two hours. Everything was green – the rocks, tree trunks, path.
The thick forest was a stark contrast to the vast expanse of the plains outside.


We returned to the comfort of our rooms by noon and slept till Snacks.
Then, I had to get out of the Mawphlang mindset and start working on QT Assignment and Committee Inductions.

Happy Friendship Day !
However, I personally feel that Friendship is eternal and doesn’t need a particular day to celebrate it.

4:00 am


8 responses to “MSD P15 – Mawphlang Trip !

  1. Shreyas Narayan

    5:15 am and the Sun is out?? And good one on friendship, I agree…

  2. Hav a nice time da.. :).. And the last photoo is super.. NANBAEAAAN DA… 😀

  3. Excellent Photos and nice comments. Good

  4. Every scenery looks like Windows default wallpaper! How come? 😛

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